Food and drink
Above Sheba restaurant (2019). Credit: Andrew Walker, Periscope
Filming outside Sheba (1985). Credit: Raju Vaidyanathan


Located on the site of a former Bangladeshi-owned grocery shop, Sheba opened in 1983. It is a small, family-run restaurant with a classic Anglo-Bangla menu.

Like other restaurants, it benefits greatly from its proximity to The Old Truman Brewery. This factor is especially evident on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, when a large number of visitors to the Brewery site go for a curry to complete their evening.

Sheba was also used as the location for a famous beer advert from the early noughties which featured Peter Kay and three companions. The Bolton-born comedian, evidently possessed of a hearty appetite, requested a waiter to bring ‘two more lamb bhunas’ to the table.

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