Street voices

“…it’s not just Asian, Black or European here, there’s actually such a wide culture, so may different flavours…”
“…a lot of people that live locally love coming here for their curries and to really immerse themselves in the history…”
“...certainly that cereal shop would never have been here, you know, 30, 40 years ago. I mean, you move with the times…”
“…I just know that it’s mostly gentrified now compared to how it used to be. I think it’s quite sad actually…”
“…it’s totally different in this area from anywhere else. So, you know, just wanted to preserve it, somehow…”
“…I don’t know much about Brick Lane’s history, unfortunately. I read somewhere that it’s about Indian immigration…”
“…I think it needs to keep that kind of integrity and that flavour in order to keep everything unique…”
“…I’ve seen great changes here since the last time I was here. I do like changes, yeah, especially for the youngsters…”
“…change is good for everybody. It builds business, it builds a lot of jobs. I think it’s a very good positive thing…”
“…I used to come here when I was young, with my dad. First memory is of Taj Store fish...”